Swachh Vidyalaya  
Essential components for girls and boys (separate) toilets
• Squatting area, with adequate availability of water for washing within toilet block.
• Orientation and opening for natural light and ventilation.
• Door with child-friendly latch.
• Floor with adequate slope and maintainable durable finish.
• Lightweight roof cover.
• At least one toilet for Children with Special Needs (CWSN) with necessary provisions.
• At least one incinerator in girl’s toilet block and niche to keep sanitary napkins.
• Hooks within WC area for hanging clothes.
• Graphics and visuals depicting key hygiene messages.
• Use of water conserving techniques.
Essential components for girl’s and boy’s urinals
• Partition between urinals.
• Opening for natural light and ventilation.
• Screen door in at least one urinal up to 1500 mm height.
• Lightweight roof cover.
• Use of water conserving techniques.
Hand wash facility for toilets and urinals with
• Separate hand wash facilities for boys and girls within respective toilet blocks.
• Water points at child-accessible height.
• Place to keep soap at child-accessible height.
• Use of water conserving techniques.
Hand washing stations for mid day meal/kitchen area with the following
• This will be an additional facility to wash hands before and after the mid day meal
• Outside or away from toilet blocks (depending on space) because it is unlikely that children would go inside the toilets to wash hands before eating.
School Maintenance Schedule:
Some members of the SMC as well as school teachers (Cleanliness Committee) have taken the responsibility for maintaining the school. Operation and Maintenance (O&M) schedule. A schedule of periodic visits is planned for the staff to check if the maintenance schedule is being followed in right earnest. For this purpose, we have designated a Co-ordinator (at the individual school level) to be vigilant in the campus make adequate observations for appropriate follow-up actions. General checklists of maintenance schedule are as follows:
Daily maintenance
• General cleaning of indoor floors of the entire school complex including toilet and kitchen.
• Cleaning of any water-logging in the entire school premises.
• Dusting of general storage, desks and benches and toy/book storage for children.
Weekly maintenance
• Check for all leaky taps, valves, flushing cisterns etc.
• Check for any blockage in the drains, sewage pipes and waste water pipes
• Check for loose locks and shutters of all the doors, windows and almirah etc.
• Loosening of fine sand with a shovel wherever required
Fortnightly maintenance
• Cleaning of dust from all appliances and walls etc.
• Remove dumped rubble/debris/building waste from the premises.
• Observe any water logging in open areas.
• Check for clogged drains on the ground, courtyard, and water outlets from courtyards.
• Remove stains and marks on the enamel painted portions of the walls (especially corners and edges) door, window, almirah shutters with damp cloth/mill detergent dampened cloth.
Monthly maintenance
• Check for any damp marks on the walls, ceilings, and floor.
• Check for any termites in the building.
• Check for proper hardware operation of all doors, windows and almirahs.
• Check for any cracks on walls and roofs.
• Check if main water storage tank cover and outlets are leaking and the stored water is clean.
• Check if all the manhole covers/inspection chamber covers are properly in place and not damaged.
• Check if the First Aid kit is up-to-date and the medicines are within their expiry date. Replenish as per need.
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