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DAV Schools are an established entry point for learning. They present an opportunity to engage parents and community in general, either through knowledge dissemination via children or through direct engagement and demonstration at the school. Children are fast learners and adapt their behaviours more easily than adults. Children are also effective role models. They may question existing practices in their households and choose to demonstrate good hygiene. What they learn at school is likely to be passed on to their peers and siblings and to their own children if they become parents.
A curriculum in DAV Schools also is not limited to just formal course instruction. Student groups, such as school health clubs, are often in need of fun and exciting activities for spreading health and hygiene messages to other students and the broader community. Child cabinets or ‘Bal Sansads’ are often established, where members play leadership roles in ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in schools. Assisted by the entire student body, the Bal Sansad generally takes on the responsibility to maintain the school facilities as well as track and sustain healthy behaviours and sanitation practices. This includes ensuring cleanliness of the school environment, checking on students’ personal hygiene practices, following up on absentees, and supervising the lending of books and other materials from the school library that reinforce healthy behaviour and habits. The Bal Sansad consists of several Ministers including Pradhan Mantri, Swasthya evam Swatchhata Mantri, Jal evam Krishi Mantri, Pustakalay evam Vigyan Mantri, Sanskritik evam Krida Mantri, etc
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