Status of Water,Sanitation and Hygiene  
1.Status of Drinking Water in Schools: 
Daily provision is made of child-friendly and sustainable safe drinking water and adequate water for hand washing.
In addition we also have made regular arrangements RO water for drinking & cleaning the school and also food preparation and cooking. Safe handling and storage of drinking water should be practiced throughout the school.

2. Status of Sanitation in Schools:
Provision is made in the school for Separate toilets for boys and girls, with one unit generally having five toilets (WC) plus 10 urinals. The ratio is maintained preferably one unit for every 30 students. Menstrual hygiene management facilities made available which includes soap, adequate and private space for changing, adequate water for cloth washing and disposal facilities for menstrual waste, including an incinerator and dust bins.

3. Hand washing with Soap in Action:
We have sufficient groups of hand washing facilities allowing groups of 10-12 students to wash hands at the same time. The hand washing station is simple, scalable and sustainable, relying on usage of minimum water. These hand washing facilities are developed using local materials. Group hands washing with soap sessions are conducted before recess are served, and are supervised by teachers, who emphasize good hand washing techniques. The hand washing sessions are used as an opportunity for delivering hygiene messages, especially the message that hands should be washed at two critical times: before eating and after using the toilet. The sessions are also used to deliver messages on sanitation and drinking-water safety.
4.Children & Staff in Action:
It is essential that capacities are improved at various levels within the school to develop the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience to facilitate, finance, manage and monitor water, sanitation and hygiene programmes in schools effectively. For example teachers and SMCs understood the ways of ensuring equitable use and maintenance of facilities, making sure hygiene is adequately promoted and that monitoring of these elements take place regularly at the school level. Furthermore, new learning is infused in the sector, along with newer ways of programming and implementing a water, sanitation and hygiene programme.
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